How to choose your florist for your wedding day

always try and get recommendations, if possible, from recent brides, family members or friends. Chances are if someone had a really great experience with the florist, they won’t have any reservations about pointing you in the same direction


A good place to start is with the bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquet, work with those colours and flower types to create your centrepieces, alter arrangements and other floral decor.

Collect Pictures

You can probably envision what you want your wedding to look like. The hard part is getting that image across to the florist. Start keeping notes early. Clip magazine photographs, collect files from online wedding Web sites, and plunder Facebook profiles and Flickr accounts of friends and strangers alike for wedding pictures.

The more information you can give your florist, the better. The research will refine your choices, making it easier for your florist to provide a perfect realization of your vision.

Remember the extras

Besides the regular trappings of centerpieces and the bride’s bouquet, there are tons of other ways to get more mileage out of your florist — petals for the send-off, corsages for honored guests like readers and grandmothers, and small floral arrangements to make the venue’s restrooms look elegant.

Keep in mind

If your wedding date is around the time of a flower giving holiday (mother’s day, valentine’s,etc) you’re going to pay more for your flowers. The florist will also be very busy during this time and you can’t expect to be the centre of attention. Meet and speak to the person that will be making your flower arrangements.

Florists in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area

Flower Parade Clayhill RdMississauga905-277-4490
Bridal Blossom AND WINSTON CHURCHILL BLVDMississauga905-495-8111
Flower Bell by Masami Shimizu178 Krieghoff Avenue, UnionvilleScarborough647-899-7468
Elle Floral by Linsay Nguyenhttp://www.ellefloral.comToronto647-204-8623
Amy's Flowershttp://www.amysflowers.ca416-876-6738