How to choose the right wedding planner:

Hiring a wedding planner can help reduce stress and take the grueling planning out of one’s wedding journey. A professional planner helps you maintain your sanity by assisting with all aspects of the event, such as creating a budget, choosing ceremony and reception venues and incorporating a theme or design scheme.

Clear Agenda:

A planner should be able to send you a projected timeline and expected deliverables. This should detail out your months of planning as well as detail out the services you can expect and be ready for. In addition, a planner should be communicative and express what they can handle on your behalf and what they cannot, so your expectations can be met.


Keep in mind that wedding planners charge for their services. Some wedding planners charge a flat rate but will charge additional costs for items that are not spelled out in the contract or agreement. You want to be sure that you and the wedding planner agree on what their job is and have all of your expectations down in writing. On the other hand, some wedding planners will charge by the hour. If additional hours are needed on the day of the wedding, it will be added on to the total cost.

Don’t lose your control:

Remember, unless you’ve instructed them otherwise, the wedding planner’s job is to guide you through every step of the process, not to completely take over. Make sure the planner you choose is willing to let you have as much say as you want to ensure that your celebration is unique to you.

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